Important / interesting news updates

We love to share the news – as long as it matters. New-build progress reports, for example. A terrific timeline and, moreover, an indication of all Rengineers disciplines.

Rondleiding nieuwbouw


The new building is taking shape. Teunis van den Brink already gives us a tour!

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Building news

05/2021 The contours become visible.

The new construction is in full swing. In a little while the hall will be wind and waterproof. There is also a lot of work being done on the office. The construction of this will be ready soon.

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Building foundation

03/2021 Building foundation

The foundation is the basis. Once all 240 piles have been poured, work on the foundation is fully underway. Just a little while until we can start building upwards.

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02/2021 Start of Rengineers new-build

Construction has begun on our new building. In calendar week 6, 240 piles were driven and poured full of concrete.

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Rengineers given wind turbine

07/2018 joint-ownership

As a show of appreciation, 25 Rengineers mechanics were recently given ‘part’ of a windmill in…

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