A Breath of Fresh Air: The New Management Team!

Rengineers is growing! Looking towards the future, it is essential to support this growth, not only in terms of our operations but also in terms of our team’s composition. Previously, Joop Bettink served as the sole member of the board of directors. However, with more than 70 dedicated employees, this is no longer sustainable. ‘A windmill cannot turn with just one blade. Therefore, we have decided to expand the board of directors with two additional members.’

Joop Bettink will remain on board, focusing on technical and operational aspects. Frans van Zetten will contribute his expertise to our commercial efforts, while Linda Boon will concentrate on people and organizational matters. Joop Bettink explains the choice for this team composition as follows: ‘Both Linda and Frans originally had no direct ambition to join the board of directors, and it was precisely that which piqued my interest. Their unwavering dedication, visionary outlook, and profound involvement ensure that the Rengineers’ mill keeps turning smoothly, even when there is headwind. Linda and Frans excel in setting and achieving goals, and they are driven by a strong inner motivation. This makes our team exceptionally powerful!’

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Together, we ensure that Rengineers’ mill keeps turning smoothly, even when facing headwinds!