Proud of our work

Actions speak louder than words when it comes to showcasing our expertise, and we believe in letting our clients’ satisfaction do the talking. Explore this page to discover a curated collection of our completed projects, spanning both local and international endeavors.

  • Jim Fowlie

    Irene and Jim Fowlie enlisted Gael Energy to revive their 50 kW AOC turbine in Mintlaw. The Rengineers turbine, inactive for two years, was successfully replaced with a BestWatt turbine …

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  • Finnigan

    The Rengineers Garant Contract is worth every penny, given the level of service provided.

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  • Gilfresh

    The installation of a wind turbine was a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’. Director Thomas Gilpin’s goal is…

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  • Thomas Kelso

    Thomas Kelso is a busy man. In addition to running a farm, he is involved in the world of wind, and owns two Vestas wind turbines.

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  • Turnkey projects V47 and V52

    Refurbishment and turn-key projects are the perfect combination for Rengineers. Disassembly, revise, and build. Per 2013, over…

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