With the technical management of 40 turbines under its belt, this is a sizable player.

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With the technical management of 40 turbines under its belt, E-Connection can certainly be classified a sizeable player in the winder power sector. The capacities of their wind turbines vary between 225kW and 4.2mW.

The technical maintenance of these turbines is provided by Karel de Dreu, Maurice Korstanje, and Marco Janse. ‘It is our job to ensure maximum turbine operations. To achieve this, we monitor the turbines and perform inspections, which ensures our close involvement with the turbines,’ says Maurice. Marco adds: ‘We also handle the processes that need to be completed following any damages, compile production figures, and supervise new-builds.’

“We love the Rengineers approach. Simple, clear, and always ready with a solution.’”

Long history

The partnership between E-Connection and Rengineers dates from the time of the company’s infancy. Maurice: ‘It must be over 20 years now. We came into contact with you during the construction of the Bonus turbines at our Haringvliet Wind Park!’

Marco: ‘The team all intend to ensure that no turbines remain out of commission following a failure. No 9 to 5 mentality here. If they see a way to ensure that the mill can resume operations the same day, they will go for it. Even if it means pulling an all-nighter.

“No surprises with a Garant Contract”

E-Connection has chosen the Garant Contract for its turbines. Maurice explains why: ‘It is the most extensive and complete package. It may not be the cheapest, but it leaves us, the operators, with zero risk. We know what the end sum for service and maintenance for the year will be as early as January. The only thing outside our control is the wind, and energy prices. The rest is fully accessible.’


Want to know more about E-Connection and its activities? Visit www.e-connection.nl


  • NameMaurice Korstanje and Marco Janse
  • CompanyE-Connection
  • Activities Garant Contract
  • PlaceWindfarm Haringvliet, Windfarm Vlissingen – Buitenhaven, Windfarm Den Oever en Windfarm Kapelle – Schore.