Windfarm Kubbeweg

In 1995/1996 many ideas arose among the arable farmers on the Kubbeweg in Biddinghuizen (NL). Wind energy was on the rise and the polder an extremely suitable wind area.

Every farmer wanted something with wind energy. Twelve entrepreneurs with one goal.

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In 1995/1996 many ideas arose among the arable farmers on the Kubbeweg in Biddinghuizen. Wind energy was on the rise and the polder an extremely suitable wind area. Every farmer wanted something with wind energy. Twelve entrepreneurs with one goal.
As it often goes: A good idea comes from infectious enthusiasm. The idea for the Kubbeweg wind farm was born. No individual solitary wind turbines, but a local wind farm.

“In retrospect, we were way ahead of our time. A wind farm in a line arrangement is now required everywhere”

A working group soon emerged in which every entrepreneur took on a role. The one as a tug of war in politics. The other in the financial field. Together we formed a concrete plan. In the end, it took almost ten years for the park to actually operate. With the necessary adjustments in the meantime.


History and development

Memories are retrieved. The first feasibility calculations were made on the basis of wind turbines with a power of 700 KW. During the preparations for the park, developments in wind turbine land followed each other at lightning speed. A new calculation was made with 1.6 MW turbines from Tacke. Nordex came with 2.6 MW. All signals turned green and everyone involved pointed in the right direction. The choice ultimately fell on Vestas. V80 turbines with a shaft height of 67 meters and a power of 2 MW.


The wind farm was built in 2006. 17 wind turbines with a total capacity of 34 MW. Good for energy production for 25,000 households. The first acquaintance with Rengineers was a fact. Vestas outsourced the construction of the wind turbines to Rengineers.

A wonderful project where Rengineers could immediately present the qualities. Full-service wind farm Kubbeweg was realized.

As often happens, maintenance had to be carried out by Vestas. “We were stuck with Vestas for the first five years. In itself we were not completely dissatisfied, but production was disappointing. Especially when the wind was blowing well, one or more wind turbines always stood still. Maintenance was of course carried out, but there was no real preventive policy.”


Preventive maintenance as a success factor

The first years of the Kubbeweg Wind Farm were reasonable. “Although the standstill remained within the standards, we still missed part of the income. We sometimes held our hearts when the wind started to blow. From the kitchen window we checked that no turbines were coming to a standstill. Because that always happened when we had good wind.”


“We soon contacted the men from Rengineers. Together we decided to transfer and conclude a Garant Contract for all V80s.

The no-nonsense culture really appeals to us. A down-to-earth view of technology, combined with a healthy dose of entrepreneurship. That pays off.

As far as we are concerned, Rengineers is characterized by preventive policy and thinking through. This created a problem with the nose of the blades. All 17 turbines were inspected and resolved.

Or the occurrence of a bolt coming loose in the gearbox. A known production error with this type. When this actually happened, the gearbox went defect. A modification was devised to prevent this problem. ”


“In short: preventive maintenance is the best guarantee of availability and therefore return”


“We already saw a difference three weeks after we had concluded the Garant Contract. Overdue maintenance was made up and converted into preventive solutions. We see the no-nonsense culture that Rengineers aspires to be translated by the boys on location. Driven professionals with a love for the profession. If the job is not completed or the malfunction has not been resolved, they will come back after dinner. A mentality that appeals to us and is also clearly translated into efficiency and optimization.”


Upscaling is a major theme in the Flevopolder. “We are an independent cooperative, which can also realize a further transition of the wind farm under our own management. That is why the 17 V80s will soon have to make way for 10 V162s. A huge project in which we as park owners can take a new step.

Somewhat with pain in the heart, because the maintenance of the new turbines must be recorded with the manufacturer. As far as we are concerned, short-term, because we have experienced in practice maintenance belongs to an independent and service-oriented organization such as Rengineers.”


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  • NameWindpark Kubbeweg
  • ContactJan Wybe Schurer en Jacco Mul
  • Brand17x Vestas V80
  • Activities Building windturbines en Garant Contract
  • Country Netherlands