Safety is our top priority

At Rengineers, safety forms the foundation of all our work activities. It demands discipline, every single day. We firmly believe in the motto “Safety First,” with everything else coming second.

Our approach includes established methods, protocols, and disciplines that are supported by certifications, relevant recurring training courses, and ongoing maintenance. Additionally, we continuously evaluate materials and instructions to ensure safety standards are met.


Safety first. Every day. That is why we want to offer insight into relevant certifications, agencies, and recurring courses and trainings, that we carry out according to international standards.

TÜV Audits

TÜV Nederland carries out the audits every year. We are screened both as a company and as a team in all relevant areas. In this way we keep ourselves sharp.



ISO 9001 is internationally the standard for quality management. Rengineers works in accordance with ISO 9001. In this way, Rengineers proves to customers and prospects that the processes meet international standards and requirements. An important part of this is the value we attach to continuous improvement.


Safety of our Rengineers is of the utmost importance. In addition, of course, also for the continuity and efficiency of your wind turbine (s).

The ISO 45001 certification is the most common form of safety certification. With the ISO 45001 certificate we demonstrate that we continuously work safely and that risks are kept to a minimum.


The GWO certificate has been specially developed for and by the wind industry. A worldwide standard compiled by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO).

The basic training consists four modules:

– Working at heights

– Manual handling

– Fire Awareness

– First aid

The certificate is personal and must be refreshed at least every two years. Rengineers sets the bar higher than the international standard. We train our Rengineers twice a year.


Stipel stands for the Personnel Certification Energy Technology Foundation. An unambiguous system for training and exams in electrical engineering (and gas technology). With safety and knowledge at the heart.

The Rengineers are trained by professionals in the field of Low voltage energy supply (VPLS) and High voltage energy supply (VPHS). VPLS stands for skilled person low voltage, VPHS for skilled person high voltage.
As a result, our technicians are certified according to the ISO / IEC 17024 standard.

Inspection of tools and materials

All materials are inspected. Safety comes first. Every day again:

– Annual inspection of electrical tools according to NEN 3140

– Annual inspection and maintenance of our skyclimbers / work platforms

– Annual inspection and maintenance of our PPE hoisting and lifting equipment

– OMS quality system registration of work performed and checking of work procedures


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