We have grown into a full-service provided. A strong focus on windmills and everything related to sustainable energy solutions. As BestWatt, we also offer total solutions that also enable the use of hydrogen to store energy.


Full service

Over 25 years of experience in all makes of wind turbines means Rengineers is a specialist company able to guarantee maximum availability. Choose an all-in Garant Contract, or select one of our services.

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Spare parts

all components available from inventory

Rengineers manages a huge inventory of components of virtually all types of wind-turbine. These spare parts and components are sold worldwide through our platform.

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Everything running smoothly

Energy availability. Installation reliability. That is key for Rengineers. We specialise in the repair and refurbish of main components. For wind turbine components, and the maritime and industrial fields.

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Blade service

maintenance and repair specialist for wind turbine blades

Rengineers in the number one maintenance and repair specialist for wind turbine blades. Brand independent, and therefore objective and transparent. The Rengineers team consists of specialists with over twenty years’ experience in the field.

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Exclusive dealership

Rengineers in the official distributor for BestWatt in the Netherlands. Small wind turbines for generating own power for SME businesses. Various types available, from 10-80 KW power.

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Always a ‘live’ view

A view on your wind turbines at all times of day. With an extensive dashboard showing yield, forecast, history, and maintenance. Essential for accessible cost/benefit analyses.

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Second life: acquisition and sales

Rengineers has the in-house knowledge needed for full project realisation. From purchasing and disassembling existing wind turbines to giving used turbines a new lease of life. A prime example of sustainability and doughnut economy.

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