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Blade Service is the Rengineers branch for wind turbine blade maintenance and restoration. Fully brand independent, and therefore objective and transparent. With over 20 years of experience! Wind turbine blade maintenance or repair may be necessary for any number of reasons, which we have listed below.

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    Repair turbine blade damages

    Lightning strikes, production errors, design errors, or other unpredictable situations: a turbine blade is subject to many different forces and influences, and can be damaged in various way. It is important to repair damages quickly and expertly to help you minimise yield loss.


    Service on demand

    The Rengineers specialists are happy to help. In case of trouble, we are available to short notice. No challenge is too great. We are happy to provide the following repair work:


    • All possible repair work to blade exterior and interior
    • Lightning damage repairs
    • Transport, assembly, and disassembly damage repairs
    • Lightning conduction system repairs
    • Tip cable, tip cam, tip bearing, and tip mechanism repairs and replacements
    • Vortex generators and stall frames repairs or installations
    • Product enhancement and modification
    • Blade or full rotor assembly and disassembly
    • Plastic rotor and hub component repairs



    Specific blade maintenance

    The turbine is subject to regular inspection and/or maintenance overhaul. Blades need periodic maintenance as well. It is important to address flaws, erosion, and other onset damages as soon as possible. An expert eye is worth its weight in gold in this respect. Preventative maintenance lets you save on future maintenance costs, noise pollution, and other major resulting damages.


    Continue to achieve returns

    You want to ensure continued yield from your wind turbine. Damage has a negative impact on yield. A partnership with Rengineers ensures optimum yield. Minimum downtime, rapid damage repairs, and preventative maintenance: you can count on it.



    Periodic rotor blade inspection

    A wind turbine blade is subject to many different circumstances and forces, resulting in wear. Small tears, delamination, or other flaws form. Dirt accumulates, or the coating may slowly become porous. Timely repairs prevent major disruptions. Period inspections prevent this altogether. Based on our findings, we look for the most suitable solution together.


    End-of-guarantee inspection

    All manufacturers offer a guarantee on the materials they provide. Is your guarantee almost up, and do you want to make sure you have put it to its best possible use? Then schedule an ‘end-of-guarantee’ inspection. This inspection involves an assessment of the conditions of various components. Often, product and design errors only become apparent once the blades have been subjected to various forces – and you will still be able to recoup any damages from the manufacturer.


    Delivery inspection

    Have you placed an order, and do you want to be assured that it is correct? We objectively assess orders for production errors, flaws, or transport damages. An expert eye lets us identify irregularities very swiftly. And that is important, considering the fact that blade tips can reach speeds of up to 300 km/h. We inspect the blades to make sure they can handle these forces.


    “Optimised blades determine yield”


    As new

    Most blades have a lifespan and depreciation period of around 20 years. If you want to use your blades for longer, or if the existing ones are up for repairs but have been discontinues, then Rengineers Blade Service can revise your old blades to as new condition – improving your blade yield beyond expectation.


    Purchase refurbishment

    If you are buying one or more wind turbines, the turbine will likely need to be disassembled. refurbishment is the shortest path to a perfectly serviceable blade. Want to prevent unforeseen damages and high maintenance costs? Then have the blades revised before their installation.


    Lifetime extension

    The lifetime extension offered to a rotor blade is something we are happy to put into writing in a report. This report lets you prove to an insurance company, investor, or new owner that the blades are good to go for a certain amount of time. To facilitate these reports, we work with insurance companies and other market agencies. refurbishment is often an excellent option for improving a blade’s lease of life.


    Yield optimisation

    Optimum yield calibration

    The correct calibration and 0-position of the blades is a crucial interest for maximum turbine yield. Supplied power is in direct relation to the position in which the blades have been assembled. During the turbine’s construction, or following installation and during blade configuration, we can recalibrate the blades perfectly – as the yield figures will show.


    Vortex generators to improve yield

    The use of vortex generators on blades can improve yield substantially. In many cases, depending on location and circumstance, turbine yield can be increased by up to 5%. Ask our specialists for custom advice. We are happy to help you improve your yield.


    Lightning damage

    Lightning damage repair

    Lightning damage is a potential risk for wind turbines, resulting in damage to the blades or turbine itself. Repair your blades in a timely fashion to prevent yield loss.


    Wind turbine lightning conduction

    Prevention is the best cure. This certainly applies for lightning damage. Make sure your lightning conduction system works perfectly. During each inspection and maintenance overhaul, we assess the system to ensure optimum effectiveness – and to prevent major damages.


    Damage appraisal

    Independent assessment

    Damage to wind turbines always leads to issues of liability. Is the owner liable? Has the maintenance company failed to provide suitable maintenance? Is the manufacturer at fault due to design or production error? Different situations may call for an independent appraisal. Rengineers has the in-house knowledge and experience needed to assess various damages.


    Specified report

    In a conflict with the manufacturer, nothing is more helpful than an independent damage appraisal firm. We operate brand-independently, and have knowledge and understanding of virtually all makes and types of blades from the past twenty years. Are you looking for a damage inspection? The Rengineers experts will provide a specified damage report, and make repair damages where required.


    Wind turbine blades cleaning

    A wind turbine does not shy away from poor weather. Different environmental influences can affect the turbine blades in various ways. Depending on the blades’ location and surface condition, they can accumulate scale at varying rates. But make no mistake: the yield of a dirty blade is substantially lower than that of a clean, smooth one. Have you blades cleaned regularly for optimum yield.


    Blade interior cleaning

    The interior of the blades accumulates grime as well, for example from oil residue of grease from the hub. The fluids have a negative influence on materials if left over time. Want to prevent blade weaknesses? Then have the interior of the blade cleaned as well.

    Want to know more about blade refurbishment or associated options? Please email us, or contact him by phone.


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