Gear box refurbishment

Energy availability. Installation reliability. In short: continuity! That is key for Rengineers. We specialise in the repair and refurbishment of both linear and planetary gear boxes. Your first and only stop for the refurbishments of gear boxes in wind energy, the maritime world, and in industry.

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    Rengineers offers services to clients regardless of the manufacturer or type of gear box. We rely on our enormous amount of experience, obtained over the years – both in terms of linear and planetary gear boxes. Repairs and refurbishments are performed in-house by Rengineers in our workshop. In addition, Rengineers offers the option of performing turn-key refurbishments. From disassembly to assembly of the revised gear boxes.


    Multifunctional workshop

    Complex and very extensive repairs or refurbishments are performed by Rengineers in our own workshop. In addition to advanced measurement and analysis tools, we are equipped with heating and cooling technologies (such as for the assembly of axles, gears, and bearings). Following refurbishment or repairs, your gear box is tested expensively, and finished with a new coat of paint.



    Rengineers has a substantial number of teams on the road every day, providing service mainly to wind turbines and other machinery with gear boxes.

    On-site repairs are completed thoroughly by Rengineers. Our wealth of experience makes Rengineers the right match for jobs that need a detailed preparation and a thorough hand.


    Our experience has taught us the importance of being aware of the situation on-site. Proper preparation, the right tools, and professional execution contribute to minimising machinery or wind turbine down-time.

    “Increase life-span and available through timely refurbishments”

    Inspection / Analysis

    As the owner and user of a turbine, it is important for you to know about its technical condition to prevent unpleasant surprises and unnecessary costs, and to safeguard operational reliability. To properly assess the condition of a gear box, Rengineers offers the following services:


    • Videoscope
      Using a remote-controlled camera, the components, bearings, and teeth are assessed – without having to disassembly the gear casing.
    • Vibration analysis
      By measuring vibrations, the conditions of the bearings can be established.
    • Oil analysis
      We take an oil sample, which is then analysed in the lab. Based on the outcome, the condition of the gear box can be determined. Oil contamination often indicates wear.


    Gear boxes are subject to wear. It is therefore important to inspect your gear casing regularly..


    Product improvement

    In addition, our experience has afforded us enormous insight into possible product improvements. Consider the implementation of filtration or cooling equipment, or optimising oil lubrication.


    Do you want to know more about refurbishments? Please contact the Rengineers team. For specific questions regarding gear box refurbishments, please contact to Arno van Ee.


    T. +31(0) 6 – 5260 3109



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