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Rengineers manages a huge inventory of components of virtually all types of wind-turbine. These spare parts and components are sold worldwide through our platform.

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    Rengineers has 25 years of experience. Over time, we established a huge inventory of components and spare parts – which we feel is the basis for high-quality wind turbine maintenance.

    The demand for professional service for wind turbines is almost synchronized with the international demand for parts and components. Hence, logically, our step towards founding a component platform: The platform has since become an integrated part of Rengineers.

    Universal provider

    Rengineers is brand-independent. We enjoy excellent relations with virtually all manufacturers. A major advantage is that this independence lets us offer you optimised consultation and components.

    “Enormous inventory of components for virtually all brands of wind turbine”


    From our daily practice in servicing, maintenance, and otherwise engaging with wind turbines, Rengineers has established a large inventory of components and spare parts. Naturally, we can supply all small and medium components at short notice – and we like to make that extra bit of effort in doing so. Even main components are generally available directly from our warehouse. Consider gear boxes, generators, hydraulic and electrical components, consumables, and blades.


    The consultants are Rengineers through and through, usually with a wealth of experience under their belt.
    Does your question concern the revision of gear box, or blade maintenance, for example? Rengineers even offers these special disciplines in-house.


    Want to know more about component service possibilities? Feel free to contact our Rengineers. For direct service, please contact Derck van Ommeren:


    T. +31  (0) 342 – 406 464

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