Important / interesting news updates

We love to share the news – as long as it matters. New-build progress reports, for example. A terrific timeline and, moreover, an indication of all Rengineers disciplines.

A Breath of Fresh Air: The New Management Team!


Previously, Joop Bettink served as the sole member of the board of directors. However, with more than 70 dedicated employees, this is no longer sustainable. ‘A windmill cannot turn with just one blade. Therefore, we have decided to expand the board of directors with two additional members.’

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Pampus: from fort island to wind innovation paradise!


Powered by the strength of two compact BW10 wind turbines, solar energy, and an advanced energy storage system from BestWatt, our Rengineers set course for Pampus Island just a few days ago. Their mission? Nothing less than achieving a fully sustainable and self-sufficient energy solution.

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Collaboration with Gael Energy


In our previous news article, you could read about our road trip to Northern Ireland. We are now expanding our international news because we have entered into a partnership with Gael Energy!

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Rengineers roadtrip!


While some Rengineers from the Netherlands have worked extensively in Northern Ireland, this isn’t the case for everyone. For this reason, we organized a Rengineers Road Trip with all the staff.

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On the road again!


How are these gigantic wind turbine components transported, you might wonder? This is a question we often receive. This month, it happened again: the transportation of 6 refurbished Vestas V80 blades!

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Looking Back: Opening, 25th Anniversary, and Open Day at RENGINEERS


On Friday, June 17th, we had the pleasure of hosting many of our business partners in our new facility. On Saturday, June 18th, we organized a family day for our staff, their families, and friends.

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Building news

11/2021 back to overview

Just one more week and we will move to our new factory and offices!
The first 4 Vestas V80 turbines are already stored inside for refurbishment.

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Progress of new construction

10/2021 the finishing is taking shape

In recent months, a lot of work has been done on the new accommodation of Rengineers. Space, modern efficient workplaces. All disciplines under one roof!
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Building news


The new building is taking shape. Teunis van den Brink already gives us a tour!

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Building news

05/2021 The contours become visible.

The new construction is in full swing. In a little while the hall will be wind and waterproof. There is also a lot of work being done on the office. The construction of this will be ready soon.

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Building foundation

03/2021 Building foundation

The foundation is the basis. Once all 240 piles have been poured, work on the foundation is fully underway. Just a little while until we can start building upwards.

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02/2021 Start of Rengineers new-build

Construction has begun on our new building. In calendar week 6, 240 piles were driven and poured full of concrete.

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Rengineers given wind turbine

07/2018 joint-ownership

As a show of appreciation for their efforts, 25 Rengineers mechanics were given ownership of a wind turbine in Northern Ireland. After signing a certificate, they became the official joint-owners, and will sharing in the wind turbine’s yield for the coming twenty years.

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