A turbine’s second shot at life

Rengineers has the in-house knowledge needed for full project realisation. From purchasing and disassembling existing wind turbines to giving used turbines a new life. A prime example of sustainability and circular economy.

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    We are Rengineers through and through. We love a challenge. The number of questions about wind turbine assembly and disassembly we receive keeps growing.

    We are happy to get stuck into any situation that involves giving your turbine a new lease of leave. Elsewhere in Europe, or in the Netherlands.

    All turbine types

    Rengineers occupies a unique position. Our ability to operate as an independent party whatever the situation gives us a wide perspective on opportunities. In addition, our experience has resulted in a long list of contacts and relations – exactly what we need to give turbines a new lease of life.

    The process

    The goal of starting up turn-key projects is an amazing one. It demands enormous discipline and knowledge to prepare these projects.
    Everything starts with correct preparation. Our project leads ensure a through project start-up. Office prep-work as well as a detailed on-site check. Next, disassembly. A logistical operation involving cranes, trucks, and sometimes even ships.

    Rengineers ensures that the location is properly returned to your care. We are good on our word.


    Giving a turbine a serious chance at a second lease of life means having to restore it to as new condition. Rengineers has the in-house disciplines needed to revise turbines from A to Z – from gear case refurbishment to blade renovation.

    At our Barneveld workshops, wind turbines are restored to prime condition – ensuring long-term operating prospects. With our one-of-a-king Rengineers Garant Contract where needed.


    The assembly of the turbine involves exactly the previous steps – but in reverse order, naturally. Rengineers specialises in the construction of turbines; usually second-hand turbines. Striking a double blow for sustainability, as far as we are concerned.


    Want to know more about the possibilities? Or do you want to offer a wind turbine to Rengineers? Please contact us to discuss the various options. Our contact for Turn-key projects is Frans van Zetten:


    T: +31 (0) 342 -406 464

    E: fvz@rengineers.eu

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