Solar power, wind power, and energy storage!
BestWatt offers a total solution for sustainable energy for (agricultural) businesses: a combination of wind and solar power, as well as storage.

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    100% YOUR ENERGY

    Generate it yourself, use it yourself. That is the BestWatt motto.
    The BestWatt total solution lets you generate 100% of your own sustainable energy. Based on regulations, permits and applicability, we install small wind turbines for mainly agricultural businesses.
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    Total solution for sustainable energy

    BestWatt offers a total solution that generates the right amount of sustainable energy for your business. A combination of wind and solar power, as well as energy storage. Solar power and wind power complement each other perfectly. On warm summer days, wind turbines are often switched off, whereas solar panels make overtime. At night and in poor weather, wind turbines churn out power merrily. By storing generated power, you can use the energy when you need it.

    “100% owned energy. Generate it yourself, use it yourself”

    A complete system

    For wind power, solar power, and storage

    BestWatt offers a total sustainable energy solution for agricultural and other businesses: a combination of wind power, solar power, and storage. The BestWatt total solution lets you generate 100% of your own sustainable energy – as well as contribute to cleaner environment and a future without fossil fuels. The small BestWatt wind turbine, solar panels, and energy storage improve your company’s sustainable image.

    The key factor is that the energy should be synchronised – as much as possible. When we generate wind power, there is often no solar input. Depending on your business layout, Rengineers recommends the best total solution for your business.


    BestWatt is a Rengineers initiative

    Rengineers specialised in the maintenance of wind turbines. Our goal: sustainable energy for all. Because it is cheaper and more sustainable.

    Market demand for small wind turbines has been on the increase. BestWatt, located in Leer, Germany, manufactures and supplies small 10-80 KW wind turbines. Rengineers offers sales, installations and, of course, maintenance in the Netherlands. A total solution for at least 25 years.


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