Pampus: from fort island to wind innovation paradise!

Powered by the strength of two compact BW10 wind turbines, solar energy, and an advanced energy storage system from BestWatt, our Rengineers set sail for Pampus Island just a few days ago. Their mission? Nothing less than realizing a completely sustainable and self-sufficient energy solution.

In close collaboration with various dedicated sustainability partners, we’ve designed an energy system that bids farewell to fossil fuels and, instead, generates power from wind, solar, and bioenergy sources. The initial steps toward this green adventure were taken in 2020 with the fermentation of organic waste into gas. Our efforts in the realm of solar energy have been ongoing, and on the island, solar panels are springing up like mushrooms.

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With these developments, Pampus will become the destination where you can enjoy excellent dining amidst breathtaking views. But there’s more! For business purposes, Pampus offers inspiring meeting, presentation, and gathering spaces. Click here for more information!