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Wind turbines are all about yield. Yield as in generated power and as in Euros earned. Service and maintenance are essential. We guarantee it. We want to offer maximum insight. The WindUp app. Works with all smartphones.

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    From our Barneveld monitoring centre, we keep a continuous eye on your wind turbines. This centre is the beating heart of Rengineers, with 12 square meters of monitors. If any parameter deviates from the norm, then we are on it right away. Because many failures can be remedied online. Combining preventative maintenance with maximum insight. That is our strength.

    Realtime information

    We have designed our control centre sing the latest remote control and visualisation technologies. Status information about all conceivable types of wind turbine is gathered in a single system. Our service engineers can see which wind turbines require attention or even which are experiencing down-time at a glance.

    But before even noticing it on the screen, they will have received an email and text alert. This is how we maintain 24/7 control over the wind turbines, and prevent down-time or lingering issues from catching us by surprise.

    The finest wind turbine maintenance combined with optimum insight equals profit. A simple sum! This is how we guarantee availability. With numbers around 98.6% for years now.

    “Maximum insight into wind turbine performance and profit”

    All data available

    Our available live data is translated into a user-friendly app: WindUp. A direct connection between your wind turbines and your smartphone. This app lets you access the following data:

    • Statistics
      Insight into the turnover of your wind turbines. Hourly, daily, monthly, or annually. Including average wind speeds and an indication of progress compared to the forecast.
    • Maintenance
      Our online service tool documents every maintenance and servicing session, including details – offering you complete insight into what is being done.
    • Weather forecast
      You are no doubt interested in the expected yield. A unique link to the weather forecast lets you estimate expected wind speeds (and, thereby, yield). Always interesting; very useful if you are using the energy you generate yourself.
    • Prognosis
      Based on the available data, we automatically compile a prognosis, which can be adjusted manually if needed.
    • Start/stop/reset
      You can start and stop the wind turbine from your phone. Even a reset is possible. We usually take care of this for you, but this gives you the tools yourself.



    Wind-Up and your turbine

    Rengineers offers the WindUp app for all turbines across the world, assuming there is an internet connection available. If not, we can establish one if needed.

    Have you taken out a Garant Contract? Then a WindUp subscription is provided free as standard.

    WindUp app subscriptions are also available on their own. For pricing and options, contact us at:


    T. +31 (0) 342 – 406 464

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