We are rengineers

Since 1996. With 25 years of experience in the world of energy, Rengineers can rightly be called a specialist company. Originally Betting Service Team, we now call ourselves Rengineers. A company name and a personal name at the same time. With a crew of 50 true engineers. Renewable Energy Engineers. Proud to say: I am a Rengineer.



As a wind turbine maintenance mechanic, I saw an important role being played by the wind energy sector in the future. A vision that quickly took on a more concrete form, and is still undergoing active development.


In 1996, we began our autonomous and brand-independent business, specialising in wind turbine maintenance. Initially, these were several small turbines, such as the Lagerwey 18/80. Shortly after having started up his business, Joop was asked to also manage larger turbines, like the Vestas V52.


joop bettink rengineers
joop bettink rengineers
Joop Bettink

Started as Bettink Service Team. Now transformed into Rengineers. A name that shows the strength of every (r)engineer.



Solution-oriented performance and preventative service are at the heart of our approach. We began by offering full-service to investors and agricultural businesses. Issues like blade damage, broken gear casings, and difficult to obtain components were some of the problems we faced. But for Betting Service Team, these problems presented opportunities for growth. After 10 years, there was even international recognition. Due to the large (international) market and the different specialties, we split up our activities, giving rise to several new businesses. A refurbishment company for large components: BGS. A blade repair company: Global Blade Service. And a component webshop: windturbinespareparts.com


“Optimisation and level-headedness remain our distinguishing features”.

Even major wind turbine manufacturer consultancy had become part of Bettink Service Team activities. In 2018, we took over LELY Aircon’s portfolio, adding small wind turbine production to our activities – set up under a new brand: BestWatt. An ambition and concept aimed at 100% own energy generation


The Betting Service Team performance as an independent family business is characterised by its professionalism, level-headedness, and no-nonsense approach. Their wealth of experience has turned our mechanics into engineers and specialists who understand the technology behind renewable energy through and through.


Given the dynamic nature of the Dutch energy market and the controlled market in Europe and the rest of the world, a new situation is being established. This is what we are anticipating for.
In metaphorical terms: steering a single large ship is less complex than commanding a fleet of smaller boats simultaneously. We have therefore decided to bring a number of the aforementioned enterprises back into a single fold, thereby linking knowledge and experience. I hope I will continue to have the privilege of helming our fine organisation under a new name: “RENGINEERS”!

Joop Bettink

the next step


We have grown into a full-service provided. A strong focus on windmills and everything related to sustainable energy solutions. As BestWatt, we also offer total solutions that also enable the use of hydrogen to store energy.

Another important of our service package comprises refurbishments, repairs, and turn-key projects. Our workshop, refurbishments department, and spray booths have become essential departments. Logically, upscaling and competence expansion lead to new-build ambitions.



In early February, 240 piles were driven. The foundation for a sustainable office. We look forward to keeping you up to date on new-build progress through our news page.

Proud of our projects


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