Finnigan – Northern Ireland

Michéal Finnigan is a third-generation owner of this firm. In 2017, Rengineers provided the full installation of the Vestas V27. Following their commissioning, Finnigan’s took out a Rengineers Garant Contract. Care-free energy production!

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The Finnigan Family owns a beef farm with 35 cows of various Continental X Breeds. Michéal Finnigan is a third-generation owner of this firm. In 2017, they installed a Vestas V29. Rengineers provided the full installation and commissioned the turbine.

The Finnegans took out a Rengineer Garant Contract. Care-free energy production.

Michéal: ‘I had looked into the possibility of creating an additional income flow to support our business. Geographically speaking, our location is perfect for a wind turbine. So we decided to continue along this adventure.’

It took a while, but the wind turbine was placed in late 2017.

Michéal opted to have Rengineers install, commission, and maintain the turbine. His reason for doing so is clear: ‘The Rengineers team has been a concrete part of our team in this project. Maintenance takes place on a pro-active basis. Initially, I was constantly checking up on the turbine. But shortly after its commissioning, I realised that the Rengineers crew was fully up to date. When I noticed the turbine was down, I called the service desk. I was told a team had already been dispatched. And indeed, the service van arrived within minutes. That is when I realised I could leave the turbine in the care of Rengineers with full peace of mind.’

“Maintenance takes place on an efficient and pro-active basis”

‘Following the turbine’s commissioning, I opted to remain with Rengineers, and signed an all-in Garant Contract.
I get peace of mind from knowing a team of experts, proud of both their work and service they offer, is looking out for my interests,” Michéal continues. “Professionally, I am into construction – but I know next to nothing about wind turbines. The Rengineers team ensures that I do not need to know anything about wind turbines either: they take 100% care of my machine, which makes it possible for me to get on with my job.’

From my initial contact with Frans van Zetten and the general Rengineers team, I have been approached in a warm, kind, and efficient manner. This project has been a terrific leap for me and my family. And a huge investment. The Rengineers guided us through the process like a well-oiled machine. Their professional working methods and delivery left us with little choice but to opt for any other maintenance firm than Rengineers. The level of service they offer is worth every penny of the Garant Contract.’


  • Product 1x Vestas V29
  • Activities Installation en Garant Contract
  • Plaats Camlough
  • Land Northern Ireland